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Change the NZ Flag

This is the site of the NZFlag.com Trust - a Trust established to promote debate about New Zealand's national identity and, in particular, about New Zealand's flag. We believe that the time has come for New Zealanders to choose a flag which represents New Zealanders as we see ourselves today - to respect and reflect our history as a nation, to represent us to others as we would we would like them to see us and, importantly, to carry us forward with our hopes and aspirations for New Zealand's future.

Why Change?

Ken Douglas, ONZ
When I was going to primary school in the Wellington suburb of Northland in the 1940's, it was common for people in conversation to talk about "HOME", not meaning where they lived but England or at best the UK where their Grand or even Great Grandparents were born. Now 50 years later such a description of the source of Aotearoa's colonisation seems a bit stupid to today's youth or my mokopuna in any case. Our country's struggle to come to grips with that past, the process of alienation, of forced appropriation and the patent injustice committed for a debt owed is now accepted by a significant majority of our present day population. We now take a place naturally and confidently in World Forums, not as an appendage of an old decadent and discredited order, but as a fiercely independent, energetic global citizen, determined to contribute positively, to be heard and to hasten the emergence of a democratic, collaborative family of nations. The values, initiatives and contributions offered by our country have been shaped and formed directly from the lessons of our own unique past, that has brought us to Nationhood. Our flag, as an emblem of our unity, determination and dignity needs to be a beacon of the aspirations that was the fuel and motivation that has brought us to a place in the new world order. A flag that no longer represents the pain and anguish of that past but that symbolises the New Zealand of tomorrow.

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It's time to change our flag

This site is intended to stimulate debate about the New Zealand Flag. We want all New Zealanders to ask whether the current flag represents our country as we see ourselves today? Can we improve it? Does it portray the image we want to give of New Zealand internationally? Most importantly, does it inspire us?

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